The SPORT ANTIPOLLUTION MASK DELTA is certified personal protective equipment bearing the CE safety mark.

The BROYX masks are the first low-resistance certified sports masks compliant with the EU legislation.

The BROYX DELTA antipollution mask provides protection against the following air pollutants: PM10, PM2.5, PM0.3 and lower, aerosols, smog, inhalant allergens and benzoapyrene.

The mask comes with two valves facilitating air exhalation. It uses four-layer replaceable filter with activated carbon layer and E12 99.5% electret non-woven fabric layer.

The mask was tested by the Polish CIOP institute (Central Institute for Labour Protection) and underwent full certification process for personal protective equipment.

It is dedicated to persons sensitive to pollution and those staying the places of increased dust, fungi, etc. concentrations.

Shell of the SPORT ANTIPOLLUTION MASK DELTA model is made of neoprene protection against cold.

The advantages of this mask include its high flexibility and unique earpieces which additionally stabilise the mask.

The packaging contains a complete mask and an additional filter.

Retail price: around 49,99 EUR

  • Protects sensitive persons and particularly exposed persons against smog.
  • Filters dusts and onerous odours.
  • Enables sports activity thanks to very low resistance.
  • Protects against harmful to health impact of smog.
  • The mask comes with replaceable filters.
  • Various sizes enable personalised fitting.

For whom?

The mask is designed for sports users and for everyday use during walks.

The mask is also certified for use as personal protective equipment for respiratory tracts and for professional use.

Due to very law breathing resistance, the BROYX SPORT ANTIPOLLUTION MASK DELTA mask is recommended to persons sensitive to air pollution, those intensively travelling by public transport and caring for the protection of their health.


  • Light and made of neoprene – ensures perfect fitting to your face.
  • Two BROYX VALVE V2 cheek valves facilitate air breathing,
  • The mask has uniquely low breathing resistance and high filtration index.
  • The mask uses four-layer BROYX 4P1 filter. It contains among others E-12 filtering electret non-woven fabric (filtration effectiveness >= 99.5%) and activated carbon layer.
  • Special filter structure gives high effectiveness – fibres are charged electrostatically which attracts particulate matter and drops and facilitates their accumulation on the filtering non-woven fabric.
  • Anatomical shape of the mask and shape memory nose pad enable perfect fitting of mask to your face.
  • Flexible under-nose sponge ensures comfort of use. Neoprene provides fitting and additional thermal insulation.
  • The BROYX ANTYSMOG SPORT 4P1 filters are replaceable.
  • The mask is easily adjustable thanks to Velcro fastenings.
  • The mask comes with reflective accents – affecting user’s safety.
  • •Weight: ca. 50g.

When choosing the mask, make sure that it fits properly.

Well fitted – tight mask will provide more effective protection against pollution.

The Broyx masks are offered in the following sizes:

  • • M designed for users with slim and medium face shape. Head circumference of 48-56cm, height from nose bridge to chin of approx. 14 cm.
  • <• L designed for users of medium weight and wide face shape. Head circumference of 52-60cm, height from nose bridge to chin of approx. 15 cm

The mask bears the CE safety mark which is mandatory for all pollution masks throughout the European Union.

The BROYX SPORT ANTIPOLLUTION MASK DELTA mask is the certified personal protective equipment and ideally suited for amateurs and professionals.

The mask complies with the EN149:2009 standard, class FFP1 NR.

CIOP Declaration of Conformity EU -700




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  • • What is pollution mask and what is it used for?

The pollution mask is a common name for filter half mask. Such mask cleans inhaled air from harmful substances, including atmospheric aerosols and smog.

  • What is smog?

Smog is an atmospheric phenomenon occurring in effect of mixing fog with smoke and exhaust gases. Chemical compounds, dusts and high humidity of smog pose a threat to human health.

  • What is sports pollution mask and how does it differ from the other masks?

During physical activity, our oxygen demand increases significantly. Our breath becomes more frequent and deeper. Sports half mask is designed for use during physical activity and ensures high breathability combined with effective filtration.

  • Can sports pollution mask be used for other activities than sport?

Surely. BROYX ANTYMOG SPORT pollution half masks are certified personal protective equipment (bear the CE safety mark) and are suited both for recreational and professional use.

  • To whom is the mask recommended?

BROYS filter half masks are recommended to all at risk of exposure to particulate matter, including smog. The half mask can be used to protect respiratory system during sports activity, recreation and when staying at open space in conditions of deteriorated air quality or in presence of natural yet undesired pollen.


  • What type of protection does the mask ensure?

The half mask protects against drops and dust suspended in air – particulate matter, including PM2.5 andPM10, natural pollens, fungi and mites. Pollution is filtered by four-layer filtering insert.

  • What is the difference between the models

Both models are equipped in identical four-layer BROYX 4P1 filters, while the essential difference is in the structure of mask body. The bodies of BROYX ANTYSMOG SPORT 500 and ALFA models are made of openwork polyester non-woven fabric, while of BROYX ANTYSMOG SPORT 700 and DELTA models of neoprene combined with different fastening system. The advantage of BROYX 500 and ALFA mask models its is large vapour permeability, while of BROYX 700 and DELTA models – flexibility, enhanced stability and additional face protection against unfavourable weather conditions.

  • In what filter are the masks equipped?

The BROYX ANTYSMOG SPORT half masks are equipped in four-layer BROYX 4P1 filtering insert. The filter is composed among others of E12 electret filtering non-woven fabric (filtration effectiveness >= 99.5%) and activated carbon layer.

  • How does the mask filter work?

Particulates and liquid drops are eliminated by penetration of air through subsequent filter layers and accumulation of pollution on the filter fibres. This is one of the most effective methods for cleaning air from aerosol particles. High effectiveness result from the special structure of filtering layer – non-woven fabric is electrostatically charged, which attracts aerosols suspended in air and fosters their accumulation on the filter.

  • What is the mask filtration class?

The mask filtration class specifies the effectiveness of filtration. Pursuant to the EN 149 standard in force in the EU, there are three filtration classes, namely: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The higher the number, the greater minimum guaranteed filtration effectiveness (however higher breathing resistance).

  • Why filtration effectiveness of the filter non-woven fabric is different from filtration of the mask as a whole?

High class filtration non-woven fabric is necessary yet insufficient to construct the efficient mask. Construction of half mask is unable to ensure perfect tightness to face. Presence of any and all gaps and holes results in sucking of untreated air and drastically reduces the protection rate. Thus fitting the mask to the user’s face and relevant construction of filter (including among others fitted exhalation valves and nasal seal) are of the essence for ensuring effective protection.

  • • Why the BROYX ANTYSMOG SPORT masks are assigned with FFP1 class rather than FFP2 or FFP3?

These half masks are designed to ensure high FFP1 protection level combined with maximum breathability (i.e. minimum airflow resistance). Reaching the FFP2 or even FFP3 protection level is possible however correlated with significant increase of breathing resistance, in particular in the increased air demand caused by physical effort.

  • What are HEPA-type filters?

This is a group of highly effective filters, between E10 85%+ and U17 99.999995%+
HEPA-type filters are divided into EPA, HEPA and ULPA subgroups.

  • What is HEPA filter?

JThis is the H13 or H14 class filter. These filters are characterised by very high effectiveness in terms of air pollution elimination however at the expense of significant resistance. The HEPA filters are used both in the industrial laboratories and in operating rooms which require the highest air sterility. Unfortunately, due to high airflow resistance these are unsuited for pollution masks, however used in air treatment systems, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners – i.e. in all cases when forced airflow is introduced.

  • What is EPA filter?

This is the E10, E11 or E12 class filter. These filters feature slightly lower filtration effectiveness comparing to the HEPA filters however have much lower air resistance and similar effectiveness. To compare, effectiveness of EPA E12 filters is 99.5%, while of HEPA H13 – 99.95%. Significantly lower airflow resistance in EPA filters and therefore easier breathing and comfort of use is the key difference.

  • What is N99 filter?

This marking is applied in the USA, where division of filter half masks is governed by the federal law 42 CFR Part 84). This classification does not comply with the European standards, involves different examination system and is not a basis for certification in the EU!

  • Why BROYX VALVE V2 valves are fixed permanently in the BROYX 4P1 filter?

To provide the best tightness. The applied valve fixation system minimises leakage of untreated air between the valve and filtering insert. The presence of all types of gaps and holes results in suction of untreated air and drastically reduces the protection rate.


The CE mark is a declaration of manufacturer that the product passed specialist examinations and complies with the quality and safety standards.

  • Is the CE mark mandatory for the pollution masks?

Yes, certification of all filtering masks is mandatory in each EU Member State. The European Union places strong emphasis on the protection of half mask users, which is why the certification process is expanded and the effectiveness checked on regular basis. Each filter half mask constitutes the personal protective equipment (PPE) Category III – the highest.

  • Why CE marking and EN149 certification are so important?

The tests performed in a certified laboratory under the EN149 standard are of equal importance for masks as practical and crash tests for vehicles. A mask user is unable to assess the effectiveness of mask filtration on his/her own. This is the task for a notified laboratory performing both certification and control. Passing a complete examination according to the EN149 standard is a condition for CE-marking of the filter half mask.

  • What is the scope of mask tests performed by a notified laboratory?

The tests or examinations check safety and effectiveness of performance, including among others effectiveness of filtration, breathing resistance, mask flammability, air leakage and more. In addition, certification process involves control of production and quality assurance processes, product marking and information for the user.

  • Are the masks bearing no CE mark ineffective?

We cannot confirm this, where the manufacturer performed no mandatory tests to check the effectiveness. We have no guarantee that the mask works and is safe for the user.

The worst masks tested in the laboratory are of zero effectiveness.

  • Technologies applied in the BROYX ANTYSMOG SPORT 500, ALFA mask
    • BROYX 4P1 filters – for effective filtration
    • BROYX VALVE V2 valves – to enhance breathing
    • BROYX 500, ALFA mask shell
      • Shell material – polyester – high breathability and vapour permeability
      • 360° structure = rear fastening enables precise sizing
      • Strong wide Velcro = easy size adjustment
      • Reflective accent at the rear part of the mask = increased safety
      • Lightweight = comfort and head stability
      • Nose clip with additional sealing = comfort and tightness
  • Technologies applied in the BROYX ANTYSMOG SPORT 700, DELTA mask
      • BROYX 4P1 filters – for effective filtrationi
      • BROYX VALVE V2 valves – to enhance breathing
      • BROYX 700, DELTA mask body
        • Shell material – neoprene = flexibility and additional face protection against unfavourable weather conditions
        • Earpieces = increased head stability of the mask
        • 360° structure = rear fastening enables precise sizing
        • Strong wide Velcro = easy size adjustment
        • Reflective accent at the rear part of the mask = increased safety
        • Lightweight = comfort and head stability
        • Nose clip with additional sealing = comfort and tightnessć

Retail price: around: 49,99 EUR*

*Average retail price